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Hi Priya,
Thanks for bringing this point to light, I think it's a very important one. I think the social norm that dictates that college should be attended immediately following high school is one that needs to be questioned and potentially repositioned. The case for taking time out between high school and college in order to work, to both save for tuition and/or help to identify a potential career path, but also to reflect on whether college is truly necessary to achieve one's career/life goals, is convincing. Whilst college is certainly a place to discover and explore our interests, I know from experience that following time in the workplace, our interests, priorities and criteria by which we evaluate a college course can be transformed. Additionally, the college-centric social norm which states that tertiary education is essential to a successful, fulfilling and lucrative career must be questioned by more high-school students. However, the current educational and career norms in both the US, UK and elsewhere dictate otherwise, resulting in many students applying for courses and schools without real purpose and passion. Perhaps by challenging the social norms around college, in terms of timings and importance, we could provide students with the space to think critically about whether college is necessary for the achievement of their goals, and if so, to have time to identify and locate their why.


Ambi commented on OneYouth OneHeart

Hi Liz,
Sounds like a very interesting idea. I just wanted to know a little bit more context and detail about the types of challenges that face the integration of host youths and refugee youths? Have you got any case studies or examples that typify the relationship (or lack of).
Thanks and best of luck!


Ambi commented on Go Bag: Survival Bag for Kids

Hi Niel,

Love the concept! I would be really curious to hear more about your ideas for the art materials/toys. I agree, psychosocial support is fundamental to survival in times of disaster and displacement, especially for children. Have you begun to develop and ideas as to what form these toys would take? As a social psychologist with training in developmental psychology I'd be really keen to help you develop any initial concepts further.

Also, with regards to the pack including important official documents, have you considered including design features to secure these within the bag, such as a velcro fastening, or something that would be difficult for the child to open and close themselves? As I'm sure you're aware, children are very good and losing things, especially if they are frequently taking things (food, toys) in and out of the bag.

I think this project has fantastic potential, best of luck!