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Niandong commented on Colleges as education service providers

Hi Xiaofan,

Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts. I agree with you with the promising (and exciting!) options if the CaaS (College-as-a-service) can become true and the unsolved challenges (all great questions) that you pointed out.

I can answer your questions from two different angles:

- From students/parents perspective: They can and would vote by feet. With the ever-increasing cost of college tuition - hence this very OpenIDEO challenge to make it more "affordable" - students have not many choices but to consider their ROI for a 4-year formal/traditional college program vs. "alternative" ways. More students will probably take online courses, work first then go to colleges, or even skip the traditional path all together.

- From employers perspective: Increasingly they are facing the challenges that 1) new college grads are not adequately prepared for the jobs even though they might have double majors; 2) shortage of skilled workers mean they can easily switch jobs and/or ask for higher pay, resulting in less employee/employer loyalty. So why should they invest time/money to retrain new college grads only to let them leave after a few years of on-the-job training? They shouldn't be. So what are the choices for them? One of the options could be like this post I wrote:

In summary (and to answer your question): Education doesn't and shouldn't be happened only in the classroom or in the Ivy Towers. It's everywhere and lifelong.


Niandong commented on Starbucks- For Coffee and College

Hi Morgan,

This is a great post! Applause for Starbucks and ASU.

I posted something similar here - - that might be of interest to you. To make more employers willing to give this a try, third parties might be needed so that it won't become a burden for businesses (especially SMB owners) to operate this kind of program.

Thao, thanks and you have a good point. Just as SAT is operated by the College Board, applicants for this trainee program could probably also go through a 3rd party (or third parties) for assessment, administration and basic skill training/orientation, so that all sizes of companies can use them without having to worry about additional cost/resources.