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Raimondas commented on The Great Quest of Deciding on One's Major

Evaldas, your ideas are compelling. I would push your idea even further to say that perhaps a better way to a degree could be to have a certain number of credits from different subjects. For example when I was a student, I realized that have an intense pull towards design and technology. I would have loved to be able to take more classes on those subjects rather than having to take mostly business classes.

I think that there are still some big advantages to the old way degrees are structured. It gives a common framework for universities to function. However, there is an increasing pressure for universities to be more flexible. Liberal arts is nevertheless a compelling model. University is for development of an individual. And learning is lifelasting journey not an event in your life.


Raimondas commented on Tablets for schools

Saulius, thanks for your ideas.
Kate, I thunk that these ideas are applicable for Higher Ed in US as well. Namely:
1. Ease of logistics. By consuming content digitally, students are able to travel less. For example, getting to the library or bookstore is not needed.
2. Speed of publishing. Digital publishing is fast. This means that the newest research can travel to students faster. The cycle of research and didtribution of knowledge becomes shorter. Big deal.
3. While the environmental aspect seems to be compelling some more sound insight would be needed to weigh the envirnmental impact of producing a tablet vesrus producing amount of books for a student.