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Emmanuel commented on pAge Drinking Paper

My apologies for writing the wrong information, I was going on something that I remember reading about 2 years ago and a 6 month old paper that was on the NCBI site about potential silver resistance when using wound dressings with nano silver.

My second paragraph was mainly because silver accumulates in the body but if the WHO says it's safe then who am I to go against that.


Emmanuel commented on pAge Drinking Paper

Much academic study of silver ions is currently on the topic of antibiotic resistance - it seems silver ion exposure in small quantities can induce resistance to other common antibiotics, since resistance genes are located on the same plasmids. Which basically makes this water purifier a bad idea.

Silver has always been interesting to me and on the surface, seems great but I wouldn't want to be drinking water laced with silver everyday for the next couple of years.


Emmanuel commented on Fontus Water Bottle

Condensing moisture from humidity into water requires 9000 BTU/gal, if the air's already at the dewpoint, 100% humidity. 500ml requires 1200 BTU to condense.
If this were the efficiency of a central air conditioner, this would use 92 watt-hrs of electricity.
But we're surely talking about Peltier solid-state cooling, which has not advanced significantly in 25 years or so. If it did, it would be huge news.

Peltiers are like 10th the efficiency of R134a systems. And the performance curve is really critical- if the heatsink gets significantly warm, the performance drops precipitously. Heatsinks have to be huge to actually dissipate the wattage while not being particularly warm themselves.
So you'd need about one kilowatt-hr to make 500ml of water in 100% humidity conditions.

Just so you know, a fit person pedaling a generator for long periods without going anywhere will generate about 200W, so you'd need 5 hrs of work.
Solar panel tech is about 14.5 watt per sq ft. So to generate 1KW in 4 hours of decent sun a day, that would require over 17 sq ft of solar panels to produce the 250W output to condense 500ml with a Peltier over the course of the day. This doesn't make a lot of sense, you would not have that much sunlight in 100% humidity conditions.

TL;DR -  You can get water from the air but not without a huge energy cost so this product is vapourware.