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Zach commented on Mutfak, July 2 Update

Hi there! I am at a Meetup in San Francisco where I, along with fellow Open Ideo-ers prototyped this concept in order to contribute ideas and feedback. I'm writing on behalf of my team (who will reply below), but there were other teams as well.

We outlined a user experience journey for a sample user named Amena:
1. Recruitment - A program leader (a Syrian woman who has already completed the program) invites Amena to join Mutfak. The leader shares her personal story and experiences in order to connect with Amena.
2. Evaluation - Amena is evaluated on her current skills and abilities: business, language, and cooking.
3. Development - Amena is matched with a group of other Syrian women with similar skillsets as well as Turkish mentors who have complementary skills.
4. Practice - Amena shadows her Turkish mentor in the market to learn how the skills are put into practice.
5. Implementation - Amena and other Syrian women in the program launch their own food stand and begin to earn their own income.
6. Mentoring - Amena becomes a mentor for other Syrian women and recruits future participants.

Things to Think About:
- Should we separate classes by skill (cooking, language, etc) or teach hybrid classes (teach a cooking class in Turkish)?
- Will there be enough Turkish women interested in helping the Syrian community? How might Turkish women receive benefit from the program?
- We think it's important to further explore who the various stakeholders of the program are. (e.g. do beneficiaries include Turkish women? Who is supporting the program, both financially and logistically? Who are the organizational partners? )
- Re: location: is it in refugee camps in order to increase accessibility to Syrian women or does the location hinder Turkish women from participating due to inconvenience or stigma? Would the Syrian women feel uncomfortable receiving Turkish women at the refugee camp and potentially being perceived as a poor refugee and not a competent businesswoman?