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Those are important prompts as well, since pantry items may not fulfill a specific craving. Many nutritionists and health advocates encourage having a treat or "cheating", as long as it's in moderation. Ordering delivery or finding a treat at a local business will make the action of indulging the craving even more satisfying. The Foodspotting app and Yelp have specific menu items in their directory. Those apps could be good sources to integrate with the Eat Smart app.

I noticed the app doesn't address the "instant gratification" aspect of food cravings. The app provides a great selection of customized options to redirect food cravings, but what happens when the user doesn't have the ingredients on hand?

Once the user has entered enough data on diet preferences, allergies, sources for food recommendations, etc., I suggest adding a feature to develop a personalized grocery list that motivates users to get in the habit of stocking up on healthy treats that are always at their finger tips. This could be a new feature to add in phase two. Best of luck with this app!

Hi Maria,

You are on point with this idea! I think leveraging celebrity or brand influencers is a powerful way to ignite users to contribute their own recipes and advice from Grandma. People react to personal stories, and having access to read about a popular singer, actress or blogger's experience with their grandma's cooking is a foolproof way to activate your community. Plus the lifespan of influencer content never gets old—you can share it across social platforms and new users will always see it as fresh content.

I also recommend tapping into the nutrition and healthy community that already has a similar conversation going—the users in the health community with a latino heritage will be an easy demographic to convert into WiseGranny users. Best of luck for this app!