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Tega commented on Make life worth living

Dear @David /Thomas,

Thanks for your response. Apparently I have been very busy and have not been able to check my emails hence the reason for my late reply to your question.

Going straight to the point, 5 main causes of having 1st class graduates sitting at home. These could be different considering the location of such people. Taking Nigeria as our focus location, the main causes I would point out are as follows:

1. Having a link/connection or knowing someone in of importance the country
2. Willingness
3. Integrity
4. Team work
5. Awareness/exposure

1. On this point, if you have a brother, uncle, aunty that works in a known Organization or is in the Government circle, you have higher chances of getting a job thanthe person that does not have anyone in such positions.

2. The willingness to continue the struggle is waved off after spending time in School and sitting at home for a few months after graduation searching for a job.

3. You can hardly depend on someone going through such drama. They hardly keep to time or instructions as required.

4. This is a very big issue as been away from a social environment may hinder productivity within the team.

5. Majority of the Nigerian youths have not been exposed to the outside world so they have limited knowledge of what and where the world is heading to.

I can write more but I do not have so much time. We can talk much more on this later.



Tega commented on Make life worth living

Thats the catch. I have been into fish farming earlier on in my life while I was in the university within the Edo and Delta axis. Marketing the products I would say is within the Team and stays within the team. We can talk more in private. Have a productive day ahead. God bless.