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Benjamin commented on #Inhabit Ecosystems

Hello Kate Rushton thanks for the welcome! And for reading through my submission.
I've read your criteria and recognize that my proposal is not yet fully formed to match these. I think there's potential! I'm certainly interested in seeing if we can get it there without undue contortions at either end :)
However, I'm also happy to let this set of ideas float in the OpenIDEO pool here in a congenial manner amidst all others to see what unpredictable interactions, inspiration, and collaboration might arise out of that, one way or another.
As stated in the 'About' section I represent or am closely affiliated with a number of organizations which could serve as vehicles for implementation of this initiative or some variant thereof. Thus my checking of multiple boxes under filing status, as all may apply.
Based on your stated preference for established nonprofit or social enterprise entities, I have at least three I can put forward as candidates. Selecting one of these will depend on a clearer sense of the directions that implementation may take if awarded. I.e. I would like to continue to shape this proposal based on input from yourself and others holding clearest sense of vision and praxis of the host/sponsor. Does that make sense and seem reasonable?
May I ask what part(s) of this proposal seems most intriguing and promising (or obscure, or problematic) to you presently? I would love to reflect on that and continue to refine!


Benjamin commented on #Inhabit Ecosystems

Thanks Bruce! Indeed, many levels or layers of connections to explore between some of these concepts and applications. Simply defining terms/phrases clearly and providing helpful references or examples would probably make it more accessible, but tough to fit in a clean image in this format. There's quite a bit more context for these and a large set of related maps in a draft document I've put together recently at

Blockchain and other decentralized computing could support some aspects of this initiative I believe, although at this time I don't see it playing a crucial role nor is the technology really that widespread and versatile. My intent is to work with and promote a suite of existing open source software and standards which strike a good balance between flexibility, durability, aesthetics, and ease of use, while working towards possibly more tailored solutions ahead for specific functions like, say, sleek 3D collaborative concept mapping and modeling engine ;)


Benjamin commented on A GitHub for Design Thinking

Indeed, lots of interesting challenges to consider in terms of architecture and experience within such an ecosystem (and I do mean eco_system_ as opposed to a single standalone platform). I would place special emphasis on a visually rich graph style interfaces that carry a lot of info without feeling dense.

And to the point about open sourcing specific knowledge and frameworks, I imagine that the process of demonstrating benefit to all participants will take some time just as it did in OS software movement, but this has already begun through the Creative Commons movement. Methodkit in fact has released one of their most recent kits under creative commons, see here

Finally, designing for a system that encourages not only attribution and reputation but actual stakeholding with a range of rewards / privileges for contributors through a range of granular licenses or offerings of customized / premium services is very much in keeping with my view of trends in the collaborative or sharing economy which can develop around healthy 'commons' such as this.