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Thank you for your contribution Grace C. ! Your post made me think of the article posted by Zaira Pérez - (Mosquito bites deliver potential new malaria vaccine). There are many similarities between what the Foundation intends to do and this study - and I think both are truly inspiring!

Hi Zaira Pérez - muchas gracias por tu contribución! Me gusto como aplicaste la ley '180' - si no lo puedes combatir, hazlo tu amigo. Me encanta! La pregunta es cuanto tiempo va a tardar este proceso desde la creación hasta las pruebas y hasta la solución recibe el acceso a la gente.

Minh Nguyen - check it out, Zaira is talking about a very interesting article: there is hope for new live-attenuated malaria vaccine. This work has genetically engineered malaria parasites that are stunted through precise gene deletions, and these could be used as a vaccine that protects against malaria infection. So instead of bringing infections to us, mosquitos can bring vaccines. I think that looks great.

Great job John! This is truly inspiring.
I'm not sure how relevant is this, but your idea made me think of an awesome initiative called They make the most groundbreaking stuff that we'd never thought would exist. May be you'll get inspired even more! Thanks!