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Darrick commented on Classes that Matter

I am an instructor at a community college. I often thought the same thing, why do we have to take classes that don't apply to my degree. I did a little poll the other day of my students. 

Interestingly enough, when my students decided they wanted to go back to school, 90% of them knew they wanted a degree, but had no idea in what. The other 9% new exactly what they wanted to do, and the rest were there for personal growth. 

Here are some other interesting thoughts. 50% of graduates don't work in their field. Also, workers are expected to work 3-5 different careers. 

So how does that work if folks are getting very specific educations and their future career might not even exist?


Darrick commented on Homeschooling Higher Education

I don't know if I understand your response. You can still have a basic set of knowledge that folks learn, and you can be as collaborative as you want. Say you need to learn statistics. You could read a book, take an online class, have a mentor, go to any number of classes, or create a group of like-minded learners in a meetup to learn together. Then you pay to take your test. There are a lot of paths for learning to get to competency. Many of those paths don't require you to sit in a class for a certain amount of time and listen to an instructor. 


Darrick commented on The Internet is Beautiful

Hi Blake, I am a college instructor and I have often thought the same thing. Not only are textbooks over-priced but I think they make both the instructor and the students lazy. Why not use outside resources to inform the class, just like students already do for a research paper. I even thought it would be interesting to have the students create their own textbook over the semester. In grad school you don't use textbooks. So as an instructor I asked some chairs if we "had" to use a textbook. Some said no and that it was up to the leads of the departments. Most of the leads say that we have to for consistency. Other chairs said that we had to use textbooks for accreditation. I just created a class, and nowhere did it require a textbook. 
I think this would be the easiest way to bring the cost down a little for college. At least if we could use an older version of a book that is much cheaper, it would be better than the newest.