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Niki Ramchandani Tojin Eapen 
I'll be on a flight to NYC Friday afternoon so I can't join a call then. I'm free after 6:30 EST Tues - Thurs this week in case Tojin's plans are flexible. I agree that we should start with one niche category and take learnings from there. Milk is a great one. What's interesting is that organic milk seems to last over a month (based on the date) while regular milk only seems to last 10 days or so based on its date. Something we can look into if we focus on milk to start.

As a note, in my coworking space today, I looked at the first 3 products I saw in the fridge: almond milk, regular milk, and Muscle Milk (protein body building drink that is not really milk at all). The language on all three were different!

Use by, sell by, best before. On the almond milk it says "Use within 7 days of opening." To me that is just a protection-mechanism from the manufacturer to protect themselves in case someone gets ill. Almond milk (especially the Almond Breeze brand which is loaded with emulsifiers and preservatives) definitely lasts more than 7 days after opening.

It is all very confusing to me, and I consider myself a discerning food shopper.

Cool just shoot me an email when you know your plans!

Agree that we should get on a conference call to talk next steps.