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Fantastic idea. Looking forward to seeing how it develops. If you get to the point where you're looking for volunteers and/or community garden evangelists around the bay area, let me know!


Nathan commented on Empowering Girls Through Sport (Soccer Without Borders)

Katy, huge congrats on all the success! This sounds like an amazing program that is creating significant impact for the girls/young women in Kampala. I know this program is still relatively new and may lack the operational history to reliably illustrate it's long-term "successes," but I'm curious what kinds of outcomes you hope to see for the girls who participate in SWB. Is there any kind of formal "graduation" process? This may be echoing a few of the other sentiments expressed in earlier questions, but as you look to incorporate additional vocational opportunities and work training programs for the girls, do you plan to facilitate next steps (i.e. internships, job opportunities, etc?)

Also, I'm sure a program like this will have a profound impact on the communities over time. Do you have any systems in place to track those outcomes, particularly those that you may not anticipate right now? (i.e. community member surveys or other opportunities for participant feedback?)

Again, kudos on a fantastic job so far. This seems like a program that could create real change and I would be curious to see how you are tracking it and facilitating additional, professional opportunities for the girls who participate.

Love this idea! Have you considered promoting this app through medical clinics? My wife works at a non-profit health clinic and advises her patients on a variety of healthy eating habits daily. As a non-profit, the clinic is able to offer services to low-income and underserved families, who I think could benefit enormously from this app.

For this segment of the population, access to information on healthy-eating habits is often quite difficult to find. Additionally, cultural (and gender) expectations make lifestyle adjustments difficult for many of these people. As such, one feature that might be useful is a list of suggestions or tips for healthy-eating that align with (or would still accommodate) specific cultural traditions (or alternative, healthy food substitutes that would be be accepted within the those households.)

Even tips on how to address body image expectations within a culturally-biased environment could be helpful for Eat Smart's target user base...

Just some thoughts. Keep up the great work! Excited to see where it goes.