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Lydia commented on Music at the End of Life: Songs for the Dying

This is a PHENOMENAL idea. As a musician who has also midwifed the passing of my own mother, I know too well the excruciating experience of navigating the hospice experience. Not only is it challenging on a personal, existential level, but the way the dying can be treated like faulty machinery from insurance companies, medical establishments and even the funeral home leaves a desperate need for services which offer respect for the personal, human story.  There is so much in the gift of music, whether it's playing songs that the person and their family or friends loved throughout their life and offering emotional relief in that moment, or actually writing a song that captures something for the dying person, at the end of life this offers such a profound kind of love, attention, and kindness that is sometimes even difficult for caretakers to offer because they are so overwhelmed but all they have to hold and sort through.  I don't have much structural feedback, but just want to heartily back up Ned in this project. He is a bright beacon in his community, and I know would put a passion, love, and authenticity behind this project that would be infectious for anyone who participated in it with him. Music is a brilliant way to help folks metabolize all that can come with the end-of-life experience. It would be medicine put to good use, and would be a gift for both artist and patient alike.