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Hi Jim,
What a well-thought-out idea! Have you given any thought to the cost aspects of this sort of food court to consumers and how often an average consumer would be able to eat there? Would there be any way for them to take the nutritional aspect of the Zocalo Food Court home with them for an affordable meal at home? Like a small market where they could buy Zocalo recipe books and ingredients to make similar food at home? Just thinking about the Whole Foods Hot Bar which is way less high-tech than this and how pricey it is to eat there on a regular basis.... (it's my go-to!)

Congrats on a good idea and good luck!

Congrats on coming up with a great idea! I especially like how you've thought through the benefits in using the app for the "grannies" and their grandchildren who may help them upload advice--preserving a legacy is a powerful motivator.

I understand the connection between bringing back more traditional lifestyles and health. Have you thought about if it would be important to include tips for the end user to modernize some of these traditions and realistically fit them into a modern lifestyle? i.e. maybe Granny recommends gardening for a few hours to get some activity, but in today's world with no space or time to garden, walking to the store instead of driving and buying some vegetables there would be a modern interpretation of Granny's tip.

Good luck!


Tracy commented on Healthy Village (Updated with User Map)

Hi Emily,

As you focus this idea down onto the emotional support piece, it could be useful to allow users of the app to connect with each other to provide real human emotional support and to share practical solutions to the challenges that they face. App-generated reminders that there are people to turn to might be useful, but sharing stories and providing real-time messages to other app users going through similar challenges might be a more powerful connection than a character in an app.

Good luck!