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Alexander commented on We Love Reading: Refugee-led Reading Circles

Great point. Sometimes it takes children's intrinsic motivation -- and their willingness to ask for what they want -- to get their needs met.

Do parents need to be trained to read to their children though? Unless they are illiterate, reading a children's book does not seem too difficult. Are they pressed for time? But my understanding is that most refugees are un- or underemployed. I guess what keeps gnawing at me is that their families and communities can be further benefited by involving parents as more important stakeholders. Outsourcing responsibilities that rightfully fall under the umbrella of parenting can have unintended repercussions.

But the Kelleys do challenge us to try to solve major problems by perhaps changing the focus of your effort. Perhaps all too often society focuses on parents, instead of focusing on the curiosity and responsibility of children to learn for themselves.

I love that your work is based on scientific research, and found the connection between candy cravings and deficiency in chromium levels to be fascinating. I'm not positive chocolate-almond bread is all that much better than a chocolate-filled donut (as shown in your user scenario), but I do think it's a step in the right direction (and it's certainly more accessible too). As the user progresses in his diet, perhaps the app could suggest increasingly healthier options, like trail mix with chocolate chips, and then nuts with raw cacao nibs, and so on.


Alexander commented on Empowering Girls Through Sport (Soccer Without Borders)

Love how holistic the educational experience can be, with soccer at the forefront. Reminds me of this organization featured on this Turning Point episode on BYUTV: In the future, with the football league idea, your students will be able to learn teamwork in a longer-term, more deeply collaborative way, as their teams will stay relatively stable. Best of luck on the journey ahead!