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Joel commented on Global Leadership Academy (GLA)

Hi Sundy, I really appreciate you taking the time to read about GLA, and providing such thought-provoking comments.

While the program takes 30-40 minutes to complete, only about 15 minutes of that is the user answering multiple choice questions. The rest is watching our intro and reflection videos, reading the report, and journalling on what the user learned from each module. It's quite interactive and engaging based on our previous set of users who have gone through.

Your other question was about how often users receive one-to-one sessions with coaches. The intention is for this service to eventually be on-demand, whenever a student needs it. First, we'll have to see how many students will use something like this, and the frequency, so we can keep it economical for us and the customer.

Regarding the personalization of text-based career coaching, it's a fair concern. I've coached students a lot via text, and they seem to be fine with it. There's definitely times when we pick up the phone and chat, but overall it's much more effective then them booking a session, since they're so used to instant access to other things in their life (i.e. Netflix). Note our platform is a complement to career centres and their career coaches, rather than a substitute, so hopefully there will always be the regular option of booking a meeting and seeing a coach in person.

Great idea about approaching the army. I'm definitely going to look into this one, as I know many young veterans have some challenges figuring out what to do after their time of service.


Joel commented on Global Leadership Academy (GLA)

Hi Dan-Ah, it's always invaluable hearing from current students - so thank you for taking the time to read about GLA and provide your comments. You hit the nail on the head when you said "Not all universities have the resources or connections to help students interested in very specific job functions." Our vision with the career coaching services is to have a large number of alumni from various job functions coaching students part-time, as well as an AI chatbot that would answer a lot of the questions we're getting the most frequently.

The results of the assessment, initially, are meant for the student. That's our primary focus right now, and perhaps down the road, we could start working with employers to select the right students - but I believe that's a whole separate thing. The goal is absolutely to help place students in the best careers, at the right companies, with the right culture and manager, so they can be effective and fulfilled with what they do.


Joel commented on Global Leadership Academy (GLA)

Hi Fahad, thanks for your comment and question. From my understanding of your situation, you've had friends who have chosen jobs because of a high salary, and many are left unsatisfied with the work they are doing. I'll tell you a little bit about why this happens. At GLA, we've found people have specific "needs" in their work. When you're in a situation where one or more of these needs is unmet for an extended period of time, it becomes disproportionately important - which is the worst time to be making decisions like what to do for a career.

As this relates to money, most students don't have an excessive amount of capital lying around. So, when the are living like this for a long period of time, their perceived "need" for money becomes disproportionately important to them. That's why many people decide to pursue a career with high-paying salaries, and don't consider many other factors, because their other needs are either currently being satisfied, or are overshadowed by their need for money.

Definitely one of the missions with this program is to help students who have "tunnel vision" for jobs with immediately high paying salaries, consider other options, where they will be more effective and fulfilled. In the long-run, this will often end in them making just as much - if not more - money than if they were in a role that wasn't a good fit for their talents or motivations.

We've done work for Venture for Canada, so I'll reach out to Venture for America as well. Thanks for the suggestion.