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Tom commented on Collaborative Model for Innovative Problem Solving

Hi, Paul:
We have thought through the details. since we all know, the devil is in the details.
Many of our members have been involved with or have started "Maker Spaces". Idea Soup is much different and more involved in that prototyping at a Maker Space is just one small aspect of product development and fulfillment. Furthermore, services delivered by not-for-profits require a very divergent set of skills for "prototyping". Hope that makes sense.
A regional hub model seems appropriate for some areas, while a more centralized model will work better in other areas of the world. Basically, it depends upon the nature of the socio-political factors in a particular region. The last thing we want to do is force a "western capitalistic model" upon areas that do not think that way.
As before, great questions. Thanks!


Tom commented on Instigating action through a landing page redesign

You are welcome. My thoughts regarding search within a challenge, for what it is worth....
If you go to: and find the "sort by" block with the pull down icon on the first page/ right. I would simply add an option here to search all the submitted ideas for a particular search term. Purpose is to make sure I am not inadvertently duplicating another person's idea or to find others thinking along the same line as myself.
For example, I would try to search "collaborative" and find all the submissions just within the "Application" challenge that uses the word "collaboration" somewhere in the description.
Note that if I use the current search function provided (magnifying glass top right of the page) I get 1137 hits scattered all over the site.
Hope that makes sense, Hope you can make it clearer to the casual user.


Tom commented on Instigating action through a landing page redesign

Nice work Erika. I really like the "clock" element for days left on the challenge... so logical.
How would you/could you improve the search function within each challenge?