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Great job!  I am very impressed by the amazing accomplishments your team has accomplished.  I can't even imaging the positive impact you have had on creating a better quality of life for those you have helped. 

I have a few questions about the design and how it incorporates into the completed prosthetic.  I am sure each patient has  a very different situation which may make some of my questions hard to answer accurately.  What percentage of the total cost of the prosthetic is the knee joint?  Furthermore, how much of a factor is labor in the total cost?  Is it up to the clinic to determine the materials used for the limbs? 

Thanks for the contribution.




Aaron commented on Canes against stigma

Very inspiring idea.  I love the customization.  As other have mentioned 3D printing could offer an affordable way to customize both the foot and the handle section of the cane. 

I was wondering if you had considered incorporating any technology into your designs such as fall sensors, distress buttons, or balance aides? 

I really like the idea, especially its simplicity.  I have a couple questions about your system.  One, how large of a system would be needed to sustain a family or do you see it more as a supplement to traditional farming techniques?  What is the average annual yield for quickly growing fish like tilapia?  What powers the pump?  Thanks for the contribution.