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Health isn't just for humans or their pets, it's a vital part of your world. If you don't walk your world how do you know if it's healthy?

Health isn't just for humans or their pets, it's a vital part of your world. If you don't walk your world how do you know if it's healthy?

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Tanja commented on Walk Your World

Thank you for the input. I followed your advice and added an image of my b neighborhood. I have more information to add in the near future.

I love in Richland, Washington, which along with the nearby communities, Pasco and Kennewick,, is usually referred to as the Tri-Cities.. According to a recent study of the state's education and completion rates, at the K-12 levels, based on a combination of information and statistics, nearly 75% of our local teens are not completing high school. These children, come from families whose incomes cover the entire spectrum, from no income to State aid and from low all the way to high income levels, every ethnic group, whether distinct or blended, some born in USA and others are immigrants, legal and illegal, or naturaljzed citizens. They are fairly evenly split between both genders, a small number are parents, and many of them are single-parents, some guys but mostly girls, with one or more children. Our area is growing steadily, as new businesses and established businesses see the market place, income and growth potential, locally and regionally, that has been ignored by major corporations and innovative start-ups.

Local employers, even fast-food outlets, are expecting their potential new-hires to have, at least, attained their GE'D. There are online high school courses, but not all students are eligible to enroll, alternative schools and a trade school program, but they can't apply unless they are going to high school and havr earned and maintained, a minimal GPA level,, over several terms.

There has to be a way to get these kids to get their education back on track and the work skills that will make them employable, I think local businesses need to become more involved.. But, they to see profits,, they lose to help fund this program, not as today's loss, but a future profits.. Future employees and consumers. They carry tools to spearhead change, a network of. buisness associates and other types of associates, from suppliers to salespeople, reorienting other companies, and people in local, county and state government offices and locally elected officials, combine that with ties to local print and news media in radio and television broadcasting - they could get the ball rolling and that might bring more members of the community, with fresh ideas and new networks, to the table.