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Ron commented on Working My Way Through the Maze

Online learning, at any level (but especially at the doctoral level) is what you make of it.  The permutations are endless as I have some (high school) students who want to be spoon-fed every step of the way while others want the barest outline of a problem and then to be left alone to discover the wrong and, eventually, right, solution(s). At a minimum, though, a coordinated program in a single department should have some predictability to it.  We in the high school have some flexibility with respect to how we design, for example, our LMS (Blackboard) presence, but having a Blackboard presence is not optional.  And must be structured the way all the others are.... you don't want students to have to play hide & seek to get basic information.  Some variability is inevitable (and, I would argue, healthy... you don't want a boring, static, cookie-cutter, approach) but the basic structures should always be present and predictable.  Just my $0.02