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Hi Tojin Eapen I think the user map looks great and explains the concept is a way that is easy to digest. I have not been able to participate actively due to demands in my life, my apologies. However, it looks as though through the hard work of yourself and the team, the concept has involved wonderfully.

Thanks for adding me to the team, it has been an informing introduction to OpenIDEO and will buoy my future participation on the platform when demands on my energy reduce. 


Hello Angel Landeros I thought i'd share something similar happening here in Australia with one of our major grocery stores. 

I can attest that I personally always look for the odd bunch veges and fruit as they are so much cheaper. The marketing is incredibly endearing and you are often feeling so sorry for these ugly vegetables after watching an advertisement. 

Great idea  and definitely needs to spread the world over :)

Hello Tojin Eapen . Congratulations on making it to the refinement stage. I was moved to comment because of  my family experience with accessing expired foods from social services as child . I was always being amazed it tasted so good despite the best before being some months ago. I've carried this memory into adulthood and always have a hard time trying to convince others the food is still good and it should not be thrown away. I think your idea is fantastic. I think the 'donate by' option would useful as it encourages people to think about food waste. Consume by, or 'use by' as we often see here in Australia,  might not automatically create the thought to pass the food on to others before it spoils.  I think there is a great deal more that can be done in regards to public education of this issue and wondered whether in addition to the label change,  this could be linked to a partnership with leading food donation receivers who could assist with funding of a public awareness campaign linked to the 'donate by' label. 

Hope you find the comment useful, I'm on my second log in and you're my first participation in openIDEO, still learning the ropes.

Great work :)