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Luar commented on The Papalotes School in Oaxaca, Mexico

Education is the root of everything.

It is common to see in low-incomes populations that parents use not to invest in their children education... and it is totally comprehensive. We are talking about families, in the best of cases, that their first and last worry is how they are going to survive to the next day, they are people who don't have satisfied the lower part of the famous Maslow's pyramid.

And why is not important for parents the education of their children?
Because they don't have the necessity of it.
Simple and clear.
We have the obligation to create that necessity into parents. If they really see and feel the importance of giving an consistent education they will do it. We are animals and we work through necessities.

Under my opinion, in order to fix this problem we have to focus in parents, tutors... of children. Because they are finally in charge of their children and they have most of the influence on them.

We don't have to send food them, we have to teach them how they could get it.
They don't need electronic tools, phones, apps, multimedias... they need the knowledge that are going to help them progress.



Don't you think that the material offered is not going to be available for the low-income population that you said you are focused?
How many people in Africa have tools and knowledge to use multi-media staff?