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Macheru commented on 3Ps Movement: Reclaiming our Planet, Prosperity and Peace

Hi Frances,
Thank you for your views on our project.
-''How do you keep your young people engaged and motivated?''
One thing that we have learnt while engaging with in/out-of school youths is that that they have so much energy that has to be dissipated in one way or another. They can use it to learn if the knowledge they are acquiring has a meaning for their immediate and future lives; they can play games and enjoy them if they can see some future in this field; they can get interested in drama etc.
If they feel the future is bleak, they can be riotous and unruly, can do drugs or try crime. This added to poverty and adversities like Hurricane Maria could perhaps be devastating. Perhaps this might partly explain the urge to acquire a one way ticket to the north.
This is what is happening in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa. But it is difficulty to get visas to the western world.The illegal route across the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea is a daunting one! Hence the less number of East Africans crossing the sea. But this does not mean things will not change.
We have seen youths appreciating new and innovative practical ideas that engage them mentally and have a meaning for their future. For example they have appreciated learning, making,packaging and selling of foods. This interspersed with playing in-door and out door games is a must. The story is long......
I therefore think that it is possible to incorporate many viable micro-product, semi-skill making viable and relevant lines that the youth chose.

-Also, take a look at our project 7e and tell us what you think of our model for participatory design. Are there ways to make it more appealing to young people?
I think your model is just great and I wish you all the Best.


Macheru commented on 3Ps Movement: Reclaiming our Planet, Prosperity and Peace

Dear Claire,
As I stated earlier that ''Your advice has allowed us to have more insight into our challenges'', It is in deed so.
On the weak communication linkages that we witnessed during our beneficiary feedback phase, we have since designed a Bridge-Building Appraisal (BBA) Tool, a simple and versatile instrument that could be used widely to measure existence and strengths of bridges using subjective empathetic communication measures. (Please see the drawing image in the project document).
On ''our youth desire to migrate to Europe and America for better lives...'', my team has discussed and agreed that it is also everybody's duty to do what they can for our youth to stem this tide while we try to lobby local and national government policy makers to do something about giving young people employable skills. We have already made some inroads into this and we believe it could work.
On the question of those who only communicate in their mother tongue and are semi/illiterate, We have agreed that we could try a combination of your ideas including more drawings in the user maps, more informal discussions and some translators.
This is again to thank you for your pertinent advice.
Yours in Better World.


Macheru commented on 3Ps Movement: Reclaiming our Planet, Prosperity and Peace

I think this would be very appropriate.
The phrase, ''Empathetic dialogue'',reminds me of 'Laudato si', the second encyclical of the Holy Father Pope Francis in 2015. The encyclical has the subtitle "On care for our common home". In it, the ''Pope critiques consumerism and irresponsible development, laments environmental degradation and global warming, and calls all people of the world to take "swift and unified global action''.
I believe if there was a bit more of empathetic relationships, some of the excesses we are witnessing daily like conspicuous consumption would be a thing of the past.
It is my hope that other religious leaders would make their stand known as the Holly Father has clearly put it so that we can wage this big war at all the levels.
Yours in a Better World.