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Adrienne commented on "Motherhood Moth: A Shame-busting Storytelling Event"

Ah Alexandra thanks, I sort of teared up as I was thinking about families having to deal with issues I knew all too well! (sorry, not sure how to link your name to your profile.) Just go to and send me a note. I will follow up by email to set something us! Cheers. AM

Hi Lauren,

Well, that's a large question, but what I vision is that there are two issues I think need addressing. 1. Mother's who have a mental health issue before becoming pregnant and the issues that come with, for example, being off of medication during pregnancy or needing support when poverty is a factor. Also, how does the family deal with this as a household?

2. A mother and family dealing with the start of a mental health disorder, which is one of the issues my family had to deal with after I was born. Do they understand what's happening to the mother? How is this affecting the child and siblings? What if the mother needs to be placed in a hospital for treatment? What about the spouse or single household unit? How do we educate the family dealing with this new issue?

Postpartum isn't just a one-year time-frame or the only mental health disorder that can come with having a child, it can happen after two years of having a baby and beyond. For me, education, support, and understanding are key for families to deal with this new challenge.

Hope this helps on where I was coming from. We a new nonprofit, and starting our programs, but I do know issues a mental health disorder can have when the mother is the main caregiver are huge for all connected. Cheers. - AM


Adrienne commented on "Motherhood Moth: A Shame-busting Storytelling Event"

I'm loving this Alexandra! Glad we could inspire! When the book comes out, think about joining us on Mental Talk. Would love to learn more!