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Hi Karen! Thanks for your message. We are currently validating the idea of corporate donnors by doing an individual sales process with key contacts in corporations and by being part of startup competitions. (Who knows the guys at UBS would be interested?). Also, we model the interest rates for a 10% per year ROI. 

Your other comment, about the VC financing model and the "pass the potato" game, it is very true. One of the main objections of people and organization putting money on it is the lack of liquidity. We are thinking about alternatives to help in this regard.


Edmilson commented on A "stock market" to invest in people´s education

Thanks! We created a company around this idea. It´s called Edudream. Check out our page for investors: and our page for students: 

Hi Alexandra, thanks for your comment. The Open Ideo community already added value to our project by introducing us to other companies who are working in the field. 

Answering your questions: 

1. To the present moment, most dreams were funded by (a) company who wanted to reward or invest in the education of their employees, (b) Angel investor who perceived that investing in an entrepreneur´s education is less risky than investing in the company later, because the entrepreneur can try many times over the course of contract, (c) individual with some money on the side pursuing a higher return. 

2. The best referal hubs for students are schools or educational programs which receive students who can not affoard and are not able to help them with current alternatives. So they refer it to us, because if the student is funded, the school is paid upfront. 

3. About the view with 1 million users... I would like to share with you the audio of a new video we are still in the process of creating: . This introduces our vision for the future: A stock market in which people could issue their personal stocks of future earnings in order to raise money to fund their education today. Those stocks would be tradeable, so the investors would have liquidity and could invest with as low as USD$100. There, organizations like MPower, Brighter Investments and others could select students according to their "Investment thesis", and would be Syndicate Leads to the group of investors which they represent.  

This is our vision to create a world where everybody with a smartphone, anywhere in the world, could have access to the credit and guidance to fund their education. Please, what do you think?