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Sheku commented on Rise Together

Thank you for posting your ideas. Where do you see the project in 5years? Do you see husbands and village authorities supporting this? How do you intend to pass this ideas across cultures or people of different religious background.

I work with Onevillage Partners in rural Sierra Leone. We have a program Nurturing Opportunities for Women (NOW). The program is about training women on financial planning. With the trainings provided, our participants make informed choices over their individual lives through supports from their husbands and other participants in the group. Women are expressing how they now have voice and control over their finances. We are also seeing husbands coming forward to explain how they are supporting their wives in achieving their financial goals. We actively involve the husbands in our gender model sessions, where they are taught on the needs of sharing household roles. Because we are more participatory with our approaches, traditional authorities are also very supportive to the program. 
Thanks and good luck!


Sheku commented on Community of Results

I like the idea (community of results) in co-creating approaches that will resolve the challenges affecting immense changes in the world of today. Community of Results could be a channel for innovation and place where creative methodologies will thrive to answer the questions of how might we respond to emergent changes in a more participatory way that addresses wellbeing and collaboration. With such an idea, how do you intend to harmonize the views of your user’s perspectives across cultures?

I am Sheku Mohamed Gassimu working with Onevillage Partners. We train volunteers to mobilize their communities to identify their priorities and rank them in sequence (based on how it affects them). And once the implement a project that addresses these needs, the community volunteers (Community Action Group) will monitor their projects based on the physical indicators they want to see change using picture based monitoring workbook. The work allows volunteers that are illiterates to effectively monitor their projects at greater ease. The volunteers also develop domains that we use to do the Most Significant Change evaluation which inform us about the impact of our work in the field. We believe that allowing communities to take the lead in addressing their challenges could be really inspiring and sustainable.