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David commented on Prototyping for Creative Confidence

It's been a weird trip, from watching a playlist of TED videos, one of which featured David Kelly talking about building creative confidence, to trying to find contact info for David, to finding IDEO.

The best part is, I have just begun thinking about prototyping. I've had ideas my whole life, and the closest thing I've ever done to making a prototype invention was playing with Lego. Sadly, I failed to pursue it as a dream, largely because of self-esteem issues, until 3 months ago I finally broke through.

Since then, I've had more fun prototyping in my head than I ever did playing with Lego. I'm lucky enough to be able to think 3-dimensionally, but after a while, I wanted to TOUCH my ideas. I wanted to feel them in my hands and be able to see if my assumptions about their use were correct.

Learning how to prototype at all, turning ideas into physical, usable objects or software or ideas, is such a complex playground. There's chemistry and electronics, design work and tooling, molding and stamping, software for making stuff and making software that does stuff.

I realized that creating is easier when you involve others. Experts in a specific field, other creative minds like my own, and even nay-sayers who make me look and relook and re-relook at my ideas until even they don't have a complaint left.

So then I started to play with the idea of crowdsource prototyping. I know we've had think tanks and companies hire people because they can make ideas happen. But to actually create forums, voice chat, and even virtual labs that allow groups of people to let their minds loose and create, bouncing ideas off each other. It's the kind of mental jam sessions that ancient philosophers only dreamed of being able to have, with hundreds or thousands of people.

Thus, finding IDEO seems like an ideal place to be. I cannot express my gratitude that someone beat me to this idea, so that I can utilize it now instead of dreaming about how it might work.