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Hi Natalie,
Thanks, I have done that.:)

Also I would like to add some further Statistics, the most populated city in Africa Lagos is approximately 1000km2 with a population of about 20 million people and the reason for the huge population because of the amount of production going on in the city. so if a new and smart city with 3 times the land mass and over 500 production lines and over 1000 services and small companies and businesses, there will be a huge significance in the major cities depopulation as citizens will begin to seek employment in the new city and the Smart City Africa project is looking to be home to 5 million citizens.

Hi Michael, Thanks for your message Its really encouraging, a plan like this starts with step, that is why am thinking on a really large scale because I see a sustainable future and a city like this would be a big step to creating that sustainable future, well so far I have thought of several ways to create this future, well I came up with an Idea which might sound crazy but I think would help. since it takes a huge fund to make this project a reality, I thought of drawing up a 3D design of this plan and market it like an off plan project which will come with a price as well as incentives. Although my target might not be the low class population but I thought of the idea of selling citizenship's to this city with a starting price of $5000 individuals to $20000 for families and at this price citizens can benefit from free health care, a housing unit and security as well as business opportunities in the city. this can be achieved because Africans yearn to live in a better environment and for that price the middle class can really benefit from this, and since the first phase of this city is to set up energy efficient production lines which would be used in construction of the city, the low class can also benefit by having massive job creations. this is as far as my idea has come. if you have better ideas I would like to hear them.
once again thank you.