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Nicole commented on A Community-Based Approach to Financial Decision-Making

Hi Naman,

Super interesting ideas. I love the ideas of using data to influence behavior and the idea of being able to track along the continuum toward completing goals.

@katerushton Thanks for sharing your Pinterest goals. You've inspired me to do the same. Previously, I've only used Pinterest for specific projects but you've broadened my thinking to using it as a vision board for life goals too.

Naman and Kate - I wonder if there would be a way to piggy back on existing credit union technology and implement a way to use data and track toward goals, similar to the way Halifax in England did?

Naman - I've spent some time in credit unions and I'd love to continue to riff with you on how credit unions might benefit from and further your ideas. What might be the ways you could foresee them making this real?


Nicole commented on Lessons with High Schoolers

Interesting thoughts, Patrick.

One theme I saw emerge in the Research Phase was helping parents with tech issues. I find this happening a ton with my parents as well.

I'm thinking it may not be too challenging to get high school teachers to sign on with this - positioned as an easy and measurable way to do volunteer work in class, I could see that being appealing to teachers. How might the seniors be incentivized to participate? This question continues to be a challenge in credit unions - how to get any age group to engage in financial literacy classes. Issues the credit union movement is constantly up against are that there is shame attached to getting financial literacy counseling, or there is no immediate incentive to do it. How might this idea address those challenges?



Nicole commented on The Tech Membership

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your contribution. Trying to understand, what might be the 'technology capabilities offered by the company' which a user would earn access to?

Looking forward to learning more!

Total tangent but this kinda' sparked another idea and I wonder if compliments this idea at all...what if there we're an app/website chat feature which is on-demand general tech support for folks who need it? For example, when I'm on my favorite websites or apps, I can easily access someone who is a total pro and who can quickly get me a skilled answer.

My parents frequently ask for help with minor tech issues like resetting website passwords, changing the lock features/settings on their iPhone, posting on social media etc. If they had a 'go-to' with which to chat, I think they would find it liberating. 

Hope this sparks something for your idea around banking.