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Of course! I use the technique frequently on myself and on my clients (I'm a strategic interventionist coach). I recently helped a 1st time client who came to me depressed and was showing suicidal tendencies. His personal conviction since childhood was: "I'm not worthy of love" and "I'm a fu#@ up". Using the techniques below I was able to embed new empowering knowledge within him. It took a single session. When he left, he felt "at peace" and empowered to figure out a way to live the fulfilling life he deserves. This technique has been used on many, many people.

Neurologoically implanting knowledge is as follows:
1) Realize that there are 2 types of truths... hard (objective) truths and soft (subjective) truths. Hard truths are easy because most people agree on them. For example, the word "jack" has 4 letters. Soft truths are personal and vary from person to person ... for example, it's a nice day.

2) Realize that people treat soft truths with the same amount of "truthfullness" as hard truths. This can be a problem, because some people believe soft truths which are negative about themselves, like "I'm ugly"

3) Realize that because we treat soft truths like hard truths .. and because we have full control over what our soft truths are (they're personal after all) ... we can choose to eliminate all negative soft truths and replace them with positive, empowering ones.

4) Create a list of personal truths that empower and negate all personal limiting beliefs. For example, "I am good enough" ... and "I am worthy of love"

5) Turn on high energy music. Close eyes, envision the promising future that you were destined to live, one filled with love, happiness, acceptance, goals accomplished etc. Shout your new, empowering soft truths ..... and while doing so (important!!!) be sure to move your body with vigor! (this shocks the nervous system, thus implanting the knowledge). Fist pump, jump, and energize your body as you shout your empowering incantations with the tempo of the music. Should last no less than 4 mins.

As for myself, I use this technique each day to maintain superior levels of mental fitness. For example, while at the gym running on the treadmill I perform #5 above. Every time my left foot lands I pump my right fist and say "Yes!" while envisioning my unbelievably compelling future. What this does is implant an exciting personal empowering soft truth into my nervous system that fills me with certainty of things to come. It energizes me to seek the knowledge and opportunity to make that future a reality. I know "why" I need to succeed having already experienced the fulfillment of my compelling future ... so naturally I am energized to figure out the "how" to make it happen.

Most students don't really know "why" they need to learn academic material ... I'm talking about the BIG "why" ... so they lack a hunger for knowledge and problem solving. By neurologically fueling students daily with the compelling future that awaits them, they will be energized to seek out and acquire knowledge on their own while being excited to learn.