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Julian commented on Kidogo: Child Care Franchises in Urban Slums

Hello Afzal,
Just read about your project and i love the approach. Having grown up in Nairobi i know the challenges and certainly this is a great platform you are creating for the busy parents. I also noted you have worked with Acumen Fund, i am an Acumen Fund EA Fellow 2013 as well as a 2013 GGC rising star for a sanitary pad project i have been working on. I love your franchise model. I am working on an ECD project as well, targeting poor resource setting, with the pilot in Rwanda and one of the focus areas is being able to train caregivers , other ECD center owners as well as parents. one of the biggest challenges in my country and in the region, for that matter, is that many entrepreneurs just set up early child centers and leave the work to the unqualified care givers, rendering the center disfunctional and devoid of its primary mission; to ensure children develop cognitive skills. I would love a collaboration on the ; business in a box model'. Is this something that you are open to partnering on? may be when we are fully set up and running, your team comes over and provides a TOT program that we can carry forward? let me know if this is an area that you are open to having a collabo.
Best of luck in your work.

Hello at Int. Youth Empowerment Network. Great idea indeed on using the play grounds as a platform for childrens learning. I do agree that play is a vital part of childrens learning and definitely something that is lacking in many communities. One of the challenges, i think one of the other partners that is very vital as well are the local manufacturers; using locally available materials to develop play equipement and items.

Its a great project.


Julian commented on Play Learn and Grow Together

Hello Stan,
My idea is really to increase ECD services and products to the underpriviledged communities in Rwanda and beyong simply because while the early years of development are crucial to a person development, in many developing countries children in poor resource setting do not have the opportunity to access ECD services as either they are non existent or even when they are, are unaffordable.

The idea is based on setting up a model ECD center that can be replicated else where. We shall provide early child education both in the school setting and at home for parents. The hub will also act as a training center for other child center owners and care givers so as to improve the standards of ECD in the region. Besides, the project has a nutrition and healthcare component, in which we shall be able to feed the children at school. Given that the center will be catering for children before noon, afternoon the center will be utilised to training in childcare, nutrition and other topics of interested as will be identified by parents in the community.

Thank you for your interest