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Ashley commented on Be ENERGY, Build the FUTURE

I like the idea! Sounds like it can apply to a lot of different options. Have you considered possibly working with the power companies to generate rebates for the energy made? Might be an incentive for the market to work out - especially as an early transition to the concept; a gym membership fee can still apply - once you meet the goal, anything after that can go towards your energy rebate.

Reading these comments brought a smile to my face. I felt discouraged by older folks who were more experienced than I was. Even now looking over individuals' LinkedIn accounts in the profession I hope to be in, can be discouraging. How can I ever accomplish as much as they did? "I didn't start soon enough - I could have done more at a younger age." All these insecurities that build from a lack of creative confidence. Though, we must remember that we cannot compare our middle to another's end. While applying for my MBA, I was so strongly discouraged by professors, advisors, and even the Director of Admissions... they frowned upon limited experience. They value 5+ years and 25+ age. Well, I say if the opportunity doesn't knock, MAKE YOUR OWN DOOR. I spent my life working hard to achieve my goals in life - those insecurities can at times build strength. My insecurity with experience became a driving factor in my life. It became my motivation. It too encouraged me to work harder and practice more. Applying myself to as much experience as I possibly can. I may not have 5+ years of post-graduate experience, but I've made my mark in the positions I've held. Thank you for your contribution and know you have inspired!