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Maggie commented on Professionals as sometime teachers/advisors

Hi Jessie,
I really love the part that we can invite people from all industries to talk with students and give them larger exposure of different kinds of jobs. My concern is how we can reduce sample bias as different people may have different perspectives and experience towards the same occupation. How can we prove their authenticity?


Maggie commented on Youth Excellence Scheme

Hi, Oscar
Thanks for the great idea. I can foresee the impact and reach of this idea if it can be implemented successfully, as we can see there's a market of demand and supply for young people's work. However, there are probably three aspects I need more clarification:
1. What will be the motivation for firms to participate? It takes time and energy to manage and train those interns. And companies need to consider issues related to information confidentiality and so on.
2. Will some companies abuse this power and make interns do some repeated labor work instead of teaching them new things? Then this kind of experience is just a company name we can show in resumes.
3. How can we manage those companies and make it a sustainable system? Will we hire staff to contact and manage relationship with them?



Maggie commented on The Uninternship

Hi, Vishal
It's a great idea. I've developed this kind of user-generated-content (UGC) website before. A great challenge of UGC website is that as it is a multi-sided platform. It's hard to find a balance between two groups of audience you serve, the content contributors and content viewers. I'd like to know more about:
1. Who will be targeted contributors? What are their incentives to videotape their internship experience?
2. What will be the methods to get the first batch of content to make it sufficient and rich enough to attract users?
3. How to avoid biased opinions due to sampling problems?
4. Whether the content is time sensitive as job features and benefit can be varied with economic up and downs?