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Smart attendance monitor to curb schools drop out level in Tanzania.

Smart attendance monitor to curb schools drop out level in Tanzania.

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Tony Alfred commented on FikaApp

Hi Ashaley, thank you for your feedback and time on passing through our solution. Kindly see the response below on your questions;

Question 1: Is the right technology and internet access available in schools, how do you ensure great quality data input?

Answer 1: Currently many schools do not have access to internet due to the lack of proper facilities, skills and infrastructures. However, mobile networks in Tanzania has grown to an extent of covering almost 95% of Tanzania, with about 19 million people using internet service through mobile devices. Our solution leverage this opportunity provided through mobile networks, by fusing available solution in a mobile application format (android system). Our team has decide to use android system because of the affordability of android devices and popular usage of android system in Tanzania.

Answer 1.1: This solution specifically target public schools , which are faced with high drop-out rate than the rest of schools. Majority public schools rely on old paper filing in storing and analyzing data, the method has proved not to be effective over the years of usage. To ensure that this school provide the right and credible data, the application will be used and maintained by the responsible education authorities, through the discussion held the team is positive that with the right support the government will adopt this system for public usage.

Question 2: Metric from teachers on the or school administrators of metrics they are interested to track beyond attendance

Answer 2: There are many metrics that teachers and authorities will like to track through real-time computerized system including; students’ performance, finance and administration management, classroom activities planning and monitoring, just to mention a few. Our team (Omentus) have developed a comprehensive computer/web platform that deals with all above mentioned inputs and more.

The idea of smart attendance monitor came from the meeting held with education stakeholders on April 8, 2017. The objective of this meeting was to introduce our comprehensive school management platform that covers school enrollment, administration and finance, classroom activities, reporting and feedback with parent among other things. The feedback we received from this meeting is that stakeholders suggested we breakdown the platform into smaller solutions which can easily be adapted in schools as we progress to more data advanced schools. Stakeholders were skeptic that a general solution might not be very effective in adoption as it will need extensive resources for training, however if solution are released one by one then at the end the most schools will be successful in adopting this solution. Through this meeting our team agreed to breakdown the solution one at a time, that the first solution was FikaApp which aim at maximizing the usefulness of students attendance data.