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Thank you for the questions, hope this clarifies the project

Government and service providers buy-in, and co-designing with the young people
TOMBEY content and design is developed with the audience in mind. When we develop the initial platform, it goes through a period of use and review by the intended users. During this time, we collect online and offline data, comments and suggestions from them on what to make better, how to improve its user interface and functionality and what content they would like to have on it. We have campus representatives in tertiary institutions across this state and also maintain good relationship with youth bodies such as Nigeria Medical Students Association, Junior Chamber International, Student Union Governing Council, community youth groups and young media influencers.

Getting buy-in is achievable because we have a good relationship with state ministry of health, especially with related to youth health matters. We’ve also worked with a number of NGOs and community based organizations on SRH which makes networking and working with service providers easier. Also, because this project is in line with current effort by both state and non-state efforts to improve the health of young people, securing buy-in would require little persuasion and more of sharing joint objectives. To achieve this, we would hold project information session with them that would show mutually beneficial outcomes of the project and the viability in integrating this into their existing efforts to improve access to information and service of sexual and reproductive health of young people in the state.

2) App finance
Initial app cost will include maintenance for the next 2 year. As part of our ideas to sustain the app, we are looking into hosting ads on the app and getting sponsorship for it. Also, to encourage young people to use the app we are also exploring partnership opportunities with telecommunication companies to make the app work with little or no data charge to users.

3) Project management in Cross River State
HACEY maintains on-ground partnerships in project states. We will work with our campus and community representatives to lead and manage the project in the state with supervision from HACEY. Our technical staff visit the state once a month to provide support on the ground. Lagos is 1hour away from Cross river.
- Performance indicators include number of young people using the app, service providers mapped, interactions on the app, referrals via the app. Also, feedback from young people, service providers and state ministries. Our impact would be assessed by improvement in service provision and health seeking behavior of young people
- Demand creation will be achieved through working with media influencer to promote ASRH and the app on social media, radio and television; youth community groups and students’ associations to promote with their members. We have also created fliers that can be distributed to young people at places like football viewing centers, music shows, talent , community youth meetings, on and off campus, cinemas and shopping malls.
- For sustainability, TOMBEY is incorporated into the organization’s SRH programs which covers for personnel costs and ensures the project is monitored and funding sourced and managed.
- We intend the app to be interoperable

4) metrics of success
Adolescents make up about 25% of cross rivers 3.7 million people. In 18 months, we hope to reach 50,000 adolescents and 185,000 in 3 years. TOMBEY would be successful when adolescents can
- Find a close center close that provides the service they need
- Visit the center and receive adolescent friendly SRH
- Improve sexual behaviors because of information on our platform.
- Provide feedback on their experience so the center can improve their services and adolescents know where to find ASRH.

5) Our prototype web platform can be found here: (in progress)

6) Motivation for use
- The app will help young people answer key questions they have as regards their sexual and reproductive health. In past we have placed anonymous boxes in communities around the state encouraging young people to ask questions anonymously and we pasted answers to questions on the notice board near the boxes. We noticed that over 80 percent of the questions is related to the sexual and reproductive health of young people.
- The plat will be highly interactive and engaging
- The platform will also host conversations from media influencers that young people want to speak to
- We also hope to partner with private sector organization to donate products and promotional materials, this will help young people win items by participating on different activities/conversation and debates on the app.

7) It is our goal to cover the entire country in 5 years; we have had project update session with over hundred NGOs and 6 state ministry of health in all southwestern states in Nigeria.

We agree wholeheartedly