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Chanjoplus creates digital identities to enable health workers track child vaccination uptake,default rate and completion real time on USSD.

Chanjoplus creates digital identities to enable health workers track child vaccination uptake,default rate and completion real time on USSD.

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Collince Osewe commented on Chanjoplus

Hi Manisha Laroia Many thanks for your note.

The contents therein have been noted and applied.

Thank you.


Collince Osewe commented on Chanjoplus

Hello Isaac Jumba ,
Thank for the follow-up questions.

Our scaling plans includes
1.Mapping all the 10,000 hospitals in Kenya and having them registered on the chanjoplus platform.
2.Registering at least 150,000 infants by the last quarter of this year and tracking their vaccine uptake going forward.
3.Training 1000 community health volunteers and deploying them to communities for purposes of registering infants and their caregivers...
4.Training an extra 200 health workers and nurses who are responsible for immunization within the facilities.
5.Scaling also involves running a sustainable model by the 2nd Quarter of year 2020.
To be able to do this we require partners to help mobilize resources both technical and financial to support our scaling.
We are looking for $100,000 funding to support our operations and activities listed above as well as cover our administrative costs including key hires.
We are also looking for partners for technical infrastructure support such as hosting service providers,business mentorship and key policy decision makers to influence and inform better policy ecosystem for our operations.


Collince Osewe commented on Chanjoplus

Hello Isaac Jumba thanks for your feedback.

Our revenue model is three fold;we license the technology to clinics at an annual subscription fee targeting 10,000 clinics in Kenya alone with plans to scale beyond Kenya.
2.We charge a one off registration fee per infant targeting 1.5 million infants which is Kenya's annual birth rate.
3.Finally,we charge a monthly mainataince fee for every registered child .
Ultimately we are looking at future potential of our data as an added revenue stream.

The data and reports help shape immunization program management giving insights as to rate of immunization coverage,demand level per clinic,per region e.t.c,and ideally our data gives a real time view of immunization performance to the decisoon malers thereby helping them make better more informed decisions as a result of evidence based data enabled .Chanjoplus is in action even at the moment.We so far have 13,000 children ,are in three clinics and currently working with over 200 community health volunteers and 37 health workers.We are looking to scale the impact and reach more children.
The only challenge we see as we think of scale ,is having every health facility within an urban setting registered,because chanjoplus has a shared permanent database for all the registered hospitals therefore if a registered mother decides to seek services in a clinic that is not yet registered on the chanjoplus platform,the infant immunization records will not be updated real time,however to mitigate this we have a robust network of community health volunteers who have the capacity to update immunization records for every child during their routine household visits.We hope to work with partners like GAVI to scale fast and register every clinic within the partner countries so that tracking of vaccine uptake is real time for very child.

We are very much open to collaborations.and as such Ria Vaidya 's solution can very well be intergrated onto the chanjoplus API's .Collaboration would mean better insights,more impact however it would depend on both partners agreeing to a shared pipeline towwards shared common impact.