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Zero to Five Challenge - research onboard

About This Challenge

The first five years of a child’s life are a crucial time — filled with exciting milestones and innumerable roadblocks. Skills, competencies, health, and habits gained in these early years accompany children into adulthood, and are the fundamental building blocks for living a full life.

Parents and other caregivers play the most influential role in ensuring children have the best possible start in life, but in low-income communities there are substantial barriers to overcome. This challenge focuses on designing solutions that help parents navigate these obstacles, so that children everywhere not only survive — but thrive — in their early years.

How it works

The OpenIDEO community – made up of individuals and organizations from around the world – designs solutions to our challenge question using the following process:

How you can help

In the Research phase, we'd like to hear your stories on the many things that influence early childhood. From stories about parenthood, to interviews with successful adults, to the latest scientific research – use the missions below to inspire you and then contribute a research post.

What barriers do parents around the world face that inhibit their ability to support childrens's physical, cognitive and social development? + Contribute
What does expert research tell us about the support children need to thrive from conception to age five? + Contribute
Who and what are the major influencers for parents and children in low-income communities? + Contribute
What are the most innovative and impactful initiatives that are currently helping to address children's needs in communities around the world? + Contribute
What character traits can be cultivated early on that will enable children to maximize oppotunities and overcome obstacles as they enter adulthood? + Contribute
What can we learn from analogous contexts-other programs, services, campaigns and caregiving relationships-that will expand our thinking for this challenge? + Contribute

JOIN A Global Conversation 

The Amplify Program wants to get stories about early childhood, parenthood and successful initiatives from everywhere – including places without regular internet access. So we've set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prototype where people in India and Tanzania can use basic cell phones to share their stories with the online OpenIDEO community.

The Zero to Five challenge is introduced on TV and radio programs in Tanzania and India.
People call into IVR lines and are asked to share with a story from thier lives.
Shared stories are translated and uploaded to the OpenIDEO website.
OpenIDEO contributors read these stories and comment on them.
Comments from OpenIDEO users are translated into Swahili or Hindi and recorded.
Callers in Tanzania and India get texts alerting them to comments on their story and can call in to listen.