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Zero to Five Challenge Refinement Ideas

Congratulations to our Zero To Five Challenge Refinement Shortlist!

Over the last four weeks, our global community has shared ideas, iterations and insights to collaboratively design solutions for children in low-impact areas – a collective effort resulting in over 400 ideas!

Now, as we turn our attention to the Refinement phase, it's time to focus on the ideas that feel most promising and poised for impact. Let's continue to collaborate around these thoughtful ideas by sharing our insights + feedback.


Building resilience through secure access to quality medical care and food supplements for children under five 
Provision of emotional support, medical care and nutrition for children and their parents in communities highly affected by HIV/AIDS, sexual violence and unwanted pregnancies.

Complementary feeding for children 6 months to 2 years of age: context matters
Community level production of nutrient rich food for children 6-24 months of age as a way to provide affordable, quality, culturally acceptable food. Local women will be trained to produce food and be linked to micro finance partnerships to provide women with income.

Creating Comprehensive Care Groups Using Front Line Teams
Pregnant women will be enrolled in comprehensive care groups and receive health education, developmental games, parenting techniques at group meetings that last from pregnancy until a child is five years old. Frontline healthcare workers will be trained and employed to support the care groups and visit homes to treat basic health needs.

Detecting early childhood development abnormalities using mobile technology
Monitoring childhood milestones using SMS and IVR technology

Educating the adult to educate the child in DRC - Save the Children
Practitioners and professionals will be trained in ECD knowledge and skills as well as members of the community who will become caregivers. Weekly parent support/education sessions and in-home visits would be facilitated by those in the training program.

Equipping Children's Primary Care Nurses in East Africa through Monthly On-Site Trainings and Quality Assessments
Hands-on medical teaching and mentoring program between nurse trainers and local nurses focused on child and mother specific care, general practices, family planning and disease specific training. LifeNet international aims to provide formal teaching and training to primary care nurses as a way to improve quality of care for mothers and children. 

Fostering Fathers Involvement in Children's Early Development through ICT
Using mobile and radio to educate fathers and increase their involvement in their children’s lives.

Helping mothers care for their babies through technology-enhanced Kangaroo Mother Care
Integration of the Embrace infant warmer (a device that helps babies in rural areas maintain their body temperature without electricity) with Kangaroo mother care.

How To Get the Most out of a Children's Park
A public play space for children that functions as a playground, classroom, laboratory, incubator, maker space, healthy environment and information center. 

How we can Ensure Children Thrive using the Media
An engaging TV program to feature educational information for parents and materials to help children learn to read and write.

Improving psychosocial development for infants and postnatal depression amongst mothers through Enhanced Timed and Targeted Counseling
This project aims to provide physical, mental and psychological support and counseling for mothers and infants as a way to decrease postnatal depression, improve social emotional in infants and increase ECD knowledge.

Incorporating depression and developmental screenings into the national program on immunization in Nigeria
Incorporate depression and developmental screenings into existing health care programs as a way to better address post partum depression, assess infant growth and recognize deviation from expected milestones.

It's Simple Dirt = Disease
Replacing dirt floors with concrete as a way to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria.

Malezi Bora (Proper Nurturing): Strengthening Young Mothers’ Skills around Child Health in Nairobi Slums
A young mothers club where mothers aged 14-24 discuss health issues with trained health workers and volunteers. Mothers who complete all thematic sessions will receive support to conduct their own sessions.

Mapping Mother and Child Health and Wellness to Improve Outcomes in Rural Kenya
Empowering community health workers with basic mapping tools to improve maternal and child health outcomes in resources-limited settings.

Maternal and under-5 health and education clinics
Expand current mobile health clinics to include specific 0-5 health education, clinical services, mother-to-mother forum discussions and structured play for under-5 children while mothers attend sessions. 

Modular packaging for joyful families and happy children
The project aims to rethink popular packaging as a way to provide information to parents and toys for children. There is a focus on storytelling and the ‘replayability’ of cans, plastic bottles and carton boxes.

Mother Mentors for Child Development
Pairing pregnant women with trusteed mothers within their community to receive ECD training, an individualized parenting plan and mentorship between experienced mothers and new families. The aim of the mentorship is to tackle challenges around cognitive stimulation, nutrition and recurrent infections.

Noora Health - Leveraging the power of family caregiving to improve health outcomes for newborns
Leveraging the time parents spend at hospitals as a way to spread healthcare knowledge and skills. The group aims to translate complex medical content into accessible videos for families and to extend education through interactive voice messages to mobile phones.

OMOMI Project
A mobile application and platform for parents and caregivers to monitor their child's health with a focus on immunization, parental education and malnutrition. 

Parents Providing: Health and early childhood development through a robust rural economy
Incorporate health services into existing agricultural cooperatives as a way to reduce financial barriers to health services. Cooperative members will be trained in early childhood development while creating a community based insurance model to pool risk and facilitate payment for health services.

Phonics by Phone: children who can read get the best start in life! 
A basic phonics course for parents and teachers delivered to mobile phones and designed to improve the way children are taught to read. The idea includes the creation of assessment materials to help measure success, text-based coursework, on-line feedback/quizzes, and social network for local teachers.

Physiotherapy Unit: An outreach for children with disabilities prior and subsequent
Physiotherapy services for the children of low income parents and training for parents and guardians. 

Proven Parenting Network Leverages Massive Adult Education Network A parental education program based on collaboration between Reach India (community training platform) and Hands to Heart International (ECD curriculum) designed to reach caregivers and provide ECD education and skills. 

Seeds, Knowledge, and Support: Preventing Maternal and Child Malnutrition During the First 1,000 Days
Provision of planting seeds, knowledge and ongoing support to expectant families to tackle chronic malnutrition. The program uses capacity building (training health workers) and direct program implementation within existing partner health centers.

A service delivery and information system that addresses high neonatal mortality due to the lack of knowledge around essential newborn care in clinics and homes. In addition to the mobile messaging system there is a toolkit that contains basic health information and tools necessary for neonatal care.

Slum Radio Station
A parent-targeted radio program to providing information diseases that impact children. The radio broadcasts will feature interviews with health officials and community health promotions.

SOLVE: Two Legumes one Cereal Meal for smart children
A campaign targeted at mothers and caregivers to prepare and serve legumes and one cereal to their children ages 6-23 months. The idea is to support caretakers with the necessary knowledge around nutrition and the skills to collect local, low cost resources to prepare meals.

Story Stones
An interactive storytelling board game designed for parents and children that develops decision making, communication and collaborative skills. The game features 60 individual stones displaying separate symbols from various subject areas designed to facilitate storytelling and communication between game participants.

Tablets with Practical and Psychological Resources for Parents Support at Newborn Care Units Resource tablets for parents to be used in the newborn care units of hospitals or during parent support groups. The tablets will have educational videos, and tips on proper infant care.

We Need to Deliver Group Pediatric Care
Shift routine preventative, pediatric care from an individual to group setting as a way to develop stronger parenting skills. Creation of a supportive parental social network by grouping parents, providing childhood care and expert peer counseling.