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Web Start-up Concepting Tips

We’re excited to have switched from Inspiration to Concepting in our  Web Start-up Challenge! It’s been a fun and collaborative ride so far; in fact during  Inspiration we saw a lot of great activity on the site. Take a look at these stats:
Since the challenge launched on the 13th of March, our community added 365 inspirations, posted 1023 comments, and applauded 2275 times! In addition, over 35,000 visitors from 163 countries & territories joined our efforts, including people from all 27 European Union countries. We’re excited to see who joins us for the ride during Concepting!
As we dive into  Concepting, we thought we'd share a few quick tips to keep in mind:
Check out the Themes on the Concepting page
Themes are jumping-off points for your concepts that can help inspire your thinking and make sure you’re focused on the right opportunity areas for your ideas.
Make it Visual
A picture really is worth a thousand words! Your ideas will be easier to understand, more engaging, and more fun to build upon if you attach an image, picture, sketch, or video that helps explain it.
Design for Implementation
Let’s start with the end in mind: how can you help the community, the European Commission and OpenIDEO think about how we might bring your idea to life? Who should own it, how long will it take and what resources will it need? Be sure to think carefully about the additional fields provided in the Concept submission form about relevance to web entrepreneurship, resources and how to get your idea started – these reflect aspects that we'll be asking our community to consider during our Evaluation phase.
OpenIDEO is all about collaboration – so make the most of the opportunity to discuss and refine ideas. You can update your concept at any time to include improvements by hitting the Update Entry button on the right of your post. Plus you can give a hat tip to anyone that's helped you out in the Virtual Team field. (And if you're collaborating offline with a student group or friends & colleagues, you can add them in there too.)
So with that,  let's get concepting! As always, cheers for your collaborative and creative efforts on this challenge. We’re looking forward to seeing all your concepts come to life over the next few weeks.