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Voting Challenge Concepting Tips

Our  Voting Challenge Concepting phase is only two weeks long, so we've pulled together some tips to help you make the most of this fun, quick-fire round.

Supporting Privacy and Independence

For our challenge, it's especially important that our efforts are guided by two key words: Private and Independent. We've learned during Inspiration that people with limited mobility, vision, language or other skills can often cast a ballot – but is it done privately and independently? As we think through concepts, let's consider how the tools, resources and educational materials we create can equip all voters with the support they need to participate in elections without reliance on others.

Emphasising the Human Touch

A lot of OpenIDEO challenges on focus on technology, and our Voting Challenge is no exception: we're eager to hear your ideas for new tools and gadgets to make voting more accessible. But in this challenge, people are just as important. Of particular interest is poll workers, often the front-lines on election day. How can we help them better anticipate and be accountable for voters’ diverse needs and abilities? And how might we inspire other voters to help each other out on election day?

Designing for Adaptability

As we've seen during Inspiration, everyone has different needs and abilities when it comes to voting. As you develop new solutions to make voting more accessible, think about how your design might meet the needs of a variety of people. How could your solution be reworked, refined or repurposed to be used by someone else?

Early Evaluation Criteria

As you design your concepts to make elections more accessible, it’s important to consider how your concepts will be evaluated later in the challenge – by OpenIDEO, ITIF and LA County, and your fellow community members. Here are some early pointers on the kind of evaluation criteria we’ll be using:
  • How will your concept improve election accessibility for everyone?
  • How well does your concept adapt to the changing needs of different voter communities?
  • What kinds of resources – whether time, money, people, partnerships, technology or otherwise – will be needed to get your concept off the ground?
And don’t forget that the Concepting phase is a perfect time to round up some friends and brainstorm! Check out our handy  Brainstorm in a Box toolkit to get started, then head over to  Concepting to share your ideas.
* Also be sure to check out some other helpful tools we've created for this challenge, including  Concepting Personas and  Using Themes for Concepting.