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Unwasted Cook-off

Food is a core part of the human experience, yet annually we waste a third of all of the food produced worldwide. That’s why we’re working on the Food Waste Challenge, tackling this question:  

How might we dramatically reduce waste by transforming our relationship with food?


We are already gaining great momentum in the Challenge and for #Unwasted, a series of collaborative efforts that highlight the food we throw out every day. The efforts include: Unwasted Food Diaries and Cook-off, and two global events series: Watch Your Waste Meals and Hack Your Waste Events.

Last month we kicked off #Unwasted with “Watch Your Waste” events, where our global community gathered over waste-conscious meals. The results were astounding, with over 80 meals hosted in over 30 countries. These events raised awareness about out relationship with food and helped us consider creative approaches to reducing our food waste.

Hack Your Waste Events

Now, we have an opportunity to again mobilize a global community: this time to design innovative solutions to food waste. We invite you to jump in and “Hack Your Waste”.


I am working on an important initiative to address one of the most pressing issues of our time: food waste. I’m excited to invite you to join me for a fun, unique collaboration to transform public awareness and action around the 40% of food we toss each year.

Last month, OpenIDEO (the design firm IDEO’s open innovation platform) launched a global Food Waste Challenge in partnership with The Rockefeller Foundation, the City of San Francisco, & ReFED. Working together with award-winning chef and restaurateur Anthony Myint, we have a wild and impactful idea for igniting a global food waste conversation by helping people learn more about their own waste habits. We’re calling it #Unwasted.

Imagine the spirit of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” applied to food waste: the Unwasted Cookoff. We’re challenging top chefs (like you!) to create a recipe or cook a meal from the commonly wasted ingredients our global community is tossing away.

How it works

  1. The international OpenIDEO community is tracking their personal food waste this week and will share as a series of Food Waste Diaries
  2. OpenIDEO will select some of the Diaries and challenge top chefs to “unwaste” them (see sample Diary attached)
  3. Chefs will create a quick recipe based on the Food Waste Diary ingredients
  4. Finally: nominate the next chef and pass the Unwasted Cookoff Challenge on!
  5. *Note: If you would like to join for the 2nd round of chefs (beginning 9/7), please indicate your interest and we will follow up with more information


  • 8/22: Chefs confirm participation
  • 8/24: Chefs receive a Food Waste Diary
  • 9/7: Chefs submit their meal/recipe & nominate the next chef
  • 9/7 – 9/21: Repeat process with 2nd round of chefs

At the end, IDEO will package the entire process into a digital story and even a Pop-Up Magazine, showcasing the food waste diaries and recipes you’ve created to combat food waste.

Will you join me in this effort? We would be thrilled to have you. If you’re in, please respond with a “Yes” to me and/or input your information here by Monday, 8/22. Once confirmed, we will provide more information on how to engage and what to expect.

I look forward to using our creative skills to reduce food
waste together!