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Collaborating in different languages 

Pour lire ce document en français, cliquez ici

In the Recycling Challenge we’re keen to prototype more language inclusivity. We’ve created this page with some tips on how to collaborate with a global community. 

We’ve always dreamt of creating an inclusive environment for everyone to participate in our creative challenges, so we’re excited to be prototyping French inclusivity in the Recycling Challenge. That’s why you’ll see French subtitles on the challenge video, a French version of the Brief  as well as some contributions and comments in French. But fret not – there are plenty of tools available to help us all communicate – and with a bit of patience and understanding, we can all look forward to even more diversity and rocking collaboration on OpenIDEO

Here are some ways to participate if English isn’t your first language
  • If you're using Chrome or Firefox browsers, you're in luck because with a simple plugin that takes seconds to install you can instantly translate the whole site into your language.
  • ​Use Google to translate content that looks interesting to you. (see step-by-step guide below)
  • Submit your Research contribution or idea in French. Consider translating a part of the Summary text to English using google translate – so that those browsing through the contributions won’t miss out on your inspiring post or idea. 
  • It’s completely okay to comment and interact in your native language. You could add a link to Google Translate or have a go at using it to translate your own content before posting. Either way, we’re super happy that you’re up for crossing language barriers and participating in the challenge.
  • Remember that communication is far more important that grammar. If you get your message across, it doesn’t matter that there are minor mistakes or errors.

If you feel comfortable communicating in English, here are some ways you can help cross-language interaction on OpenIDEO 
  • Go big on visuals – images, videos and sketches are universally understandable.  
  •  Feel free to add a translation to French (or another language) of key parts of your contribution to the end of your post.
  • Respond to comments or contributions that are written in French to show that you support multi-lingual participation.

How to use Google Translate
  1. Open up the Google Translator in your web browser.
  2. In one of the boxes, enter the text you want to translate. In the fields above the text box choose the languages you want to translated to and from.
  3. Click on the 'Translate' button. The page will reload and you will have your translation.
  4. Copy & paste the translated text into whereever you’d like it to go