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Tools for the Women's Safety Challenge Refinement Phase

So, you've made it through to our Refinement Phase – way to go! Now it's time to further develop your idea, thinking about viability, any potential barriers, implementation potential and what success might look like. Get ready to hit that Update Entry button on the right of your post!  On this page, you’ll find tips and samples from our team to help you find success in the Refinement phase. 

If your idea wasn’t selected for Refinement, we still need you! Collaboration loves company, so chime in with your feedback and suggestions for our 52 remaining ideas. Let's refine these ideas together.

Four steps to take during the Refinement phase:
1) Let's describe our final concepts clearly and concisely.
You can use the fill-in-the-blank template below to update the first lines of your submission. It’s also a good idea to ask someone with a fresh perspective – either in your network or from the OpenIDEO community – to offer feedback and help craft something that an outsider could easily understand.

Tools you can use for this activity
You’ll find our fill-in the blank template listed in question #1 on the updated contribution form:

My idea is a_________________ [campaign/app/service/program/online platform/toolkit/social enterprise/etc.]. It tackles the problem of _____________[short problem statement]. It addresses the problem by __________[what your idea looks like in practice].

Feel free to continue tweaking and updating this description throughout the Refinement phase. See it in context on our sample idea. 

2) Let’s look at our ideas from the user’s perspective.
 By viewing a concept through the eyes of  end-users – the communities that will benefit from the product, service or program – we’ll gain deeper insight into potential roadblocks or enhancements. Try conducting user interviews or getting visual with an experience map.

Tools you can use for this activity:
Use our toolkit to create a user experience map or conduct user interviews with people from the community where you plan to pilot your idea. You can upload the results using the Upload feature under the Make it Visual section on the idea submission form. See it in context on our sample idea. 


3) Let’s talk about implementation
This can be a simple timeline or a more detailed implementation plan. Feel free to use our template or create your own.

Tools you can use for this activity
If you need some help getting started, try our implementation timeline toolkit. Whether you use the template provided or use your own, be sure to add it to your idea using the Upload File feature or the Photo Upload feature under the Make it Visual section on the idea submission form. See it in context on our sample idea. 


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