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Resources for Zika and Future Threats

Explore before Innovating

It doesn’t matter what your background is, diverse perspectives spark creativity and transformational ideas. That said, it helps to have some common knowledge to get this global conversation started.

Zika Virus

A great place to start is with the fact sheets developed by authorities like USAID, WHO, CDC, and White House.

Here are some of the answers you can find there:

  1. What is the Zika Virus Disease?
  2. How do I protect myself from Zika?
  3. How is Zika transmitted?
  4. What are the symptoms and treatment for the Zika?
  5. Where is Zika active (map)?

Other reputable sources and articles exist like these New York Times and VOX resources. Through engaging infographics, videos and journalism, these will provide a quick breakdown on prevention, detection and response to the disease

Emerging Pandemic Threats

“About 75 percent of new human diseases are caused by microbes that originate in animals” -USAID

Ebola, SARS, and HIV/AIDS can all be traced back to animals before they transferred to humans. With population growth, expanded human-animal interaction, and an increasingly interconnected world, we are challenged to engineer a better system to meet new health security threats.

Read more about these pandemic threats and actions being taken by partners around the world to achieve the goals of the Global Health Security Agenda.

OpenIDEO Resources

Want some additional background on how to jump into an OpenIDEO Challenge? Check out our OpenIDEO Resources and find guides to gather insights, develop ideas, and refine your thinking. We also have great content on our blog too! Check out the Research Phase: The Lowdown to get started.

Please keep in mind that OpenIDEO is an open source innovation platform, and we encourage submissions from everyone. None of the contributions are endorsed by OpenIDEO as factual, nor as effective means in protecting against Zika or other threats. Here, however, is what we currently know about the disease.