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Refugee Education Community Roles

Thanks for your interest in taking on a leadership role with our currently running Refugee Education Challenge! You can learn more about the positions and the skills we're looking for below. We're really excited to have our designated community leaders dive into the challenge, so we ask you apply by sending in the requested materials to no later than 8am PST on April 29, 2015

Prototyping Community Champion

Many people who join Amplify challenges are brand new to human-centered design and are eager to learn how to put it into practice. We’ve seen that identifying assumptions, testing ideas through prototyping and being visual can be a radical change from what our participants are used to– and help to launch ideas into a powerful next stage of development. 

To help, we're looking to draw on the experience of our prototyping experts to help give clear examples of how to do just this. Do you have a passion around prototyping? Are you interested in trying your hand using your superpowers for good? We are looking for someone wanting to put flex their prototyping muscles and we’d love to see what you’ve got! 

Time commitment:

2 to 4 hours/week during the Refugee Education Challenge Ideas Phase.

How to apply:

Choose an idea from our last challenge here and show us what you’d create to share with the community that demonstrates how a contributor could: (a) prototype their idea in their community quickly and easily (b) make their concept visual or (c) identify the key assumptions behind their idea.

Please send over ANY of the following to by April 29th, 2015:

  • A blog post (maximum 250 words, unlimited pictures), or

  • A short (30 seconds max) video, or

  • A set of images of your prototype, or

  • A link to your resume or portfolio.

Community Synthesizer- TEAM OPPORTUNITY*

*OpenIDEO Meetups encouraged to apply!

Amplify challenges get hundreds of research posts from experts, students, designers, nonprofits and individuals around the world. These posts inspire our community to come up with innovative solutions to our challenge questions, but we know this is just the tip of the iceberg. What if we could organize and share the collective wisdom of the OpenIDEO  community with others who are working hard to find solutions to similar challenges in their corner of the globe?

We’re looking for an enthusiastic group of switched on individuals that are interested in using their intellectual horsepower to conduct a synthesis of all the research shared so far for our Refugee Education challenge. Taking a look at all of the research posts, we're curious to hear your take on the following questions: what themes emerged in our discussion of education innovation? What are the best examples of those themes and how can we share them to inspire our global community? 

If you're interested in helping create a resource that can be used globally by people interested in refugee education around the world, let us know!

Time Commitment:

Up to 4 hours/week over the next 3 weeks. 

How to apply:

Tell us about your team. As we like to say at OpenIDEO, creativity loves company! Let us know a little bit more about who you'll be working with (minimum 2 people) and if you're a part of an OpenIDEO Meetup.

Take 30 minutes to explore the current research phase posts, share a few emerging themes you observe and tell us how you would approach the synthesis of all of the entries. (Keep it short! Tell us what you think in 250 words or less). 

Thanks for your interest and hope to hear from you soon! 

Please be sure to send the requested materials to, with the Subject Line "Refugee Education Community Role" by 8am PST on April 29, 2015.