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OpenIDEO Climate Fellows

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We are thrilled to launch our inaugural OpenIDEO Climate Fellowship program!

Our fellowship cohort will be comprised of 3 Climate Innovators and 3 Climate Storytellers. In order to be considered, all candidates must post their efforts in our Climate Innovator Stories Challenge.


Are you a climate entrepreneur seeking to grow your organization and scale your impact? We want you to join our Climate Fellows program!  

Three fellows will be selected from the Climate Stories Challenge submissions for this 6-month engagement.

OpenIDEO Climate Fellows will gain unique access to: OpenIDEO and industry events, a cohort of climate innovators, and startup accelerators and funders. Climate Fellows will receive design, storytelling, outreach and organizational support from OpenIDEO to measurably grow their effort. In addition, Climate Innovators will be featured on OpenIDEO for further support from our global community.


In order to be considered for our Accelerate Fellowship you must post your Climate Innovation in our Climate Stories Challenge.Your post must clearly convey that your project:

  • Has a clear mission and vision
  • Demonstrates opportunity for scale
  • Clearly demonstrates how it provides environmental benefit
  • Is innovative / shows creativity
  • Will have at least one full-time person dedicated to the effort

Show your support by joining the #Design4Climate conversation!

As we select our Climate Innovator Fellows, we’re searching for innovators who can activate the community and fuel the movement. Your tweets and support will be part of our conversation as we select the Fellows. 

Share your favorite posts from our challenge using the hashtag #Design4Climate and let us know: 


It’s easy to jump in—simply click the twitter logo at the bottom of your favorite post and add in the #Design4Climate hashtag. You can always further customize the text with your message of support. If possible, add us (@OpenIDEO) and your innovator’s Twitter handle so we can all join the conversation. 


Are you a rockstar storyteller who is passionate about the environment and looking to get your stories in front of a global audience? We want you to join our Climate Storytelling Fellows program!  

Three fellows will be selected from the Storytellers phase for this 6-month fellowship.

OpenIDEO Climate Storytellers will receive funding and development support to create a short, impactful video on climate innovation. These videos will deepen the efforts of climate innovators who are making an impact in the movement. These stories will be shared on highly visible media platforms and circuited at industry events and festivals. Climate Storytelling Fellows will also have the chance to authentically connect and collaborate with a community of passionate storytellers and innovators.


In order to be considered for our Storytellers Fellowship you must post in the Storytellers phase of our Climate Stories Challenge.Your post must clearly convey that your project:

  • Have experience with video storytelling
  • Demonstrate interest in innovative and creative approaches to storytelling
  • Demonstrate passion for environmental issues

The Storyteller phase will end on December 18. We'll then open up to an application round for submitters to pitch their idea for a short video that makes a positive impact in the climate solutions space. Applications will be evaluated by the Storytelling Fellowship Selection Committee in December and January.

Check back here for updates coming soon. We can’t wait to see your submissions!