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NextGen Cup Ideas Phase Submission Questions

During the Ideas Phase, we will be seeking to clearly understand your submission, how it works from a technical standpoint, and review early evidence of concept development, user testing and prototyping. 

We have included two submission options for participants: 

  • Publicly Viewable Submissions: For this phase of submissions, we encourage you to only include information you are comfortable sharing on a public forum, and with an internal review panel. Please do not submit confidential information as part of your application to the NextGen Cup Challenge. If this is you, please select the "Publicly Viewable" submission channel. 

  • Non-Publicly Viewable Submissions: For innovators who would prefer to opt out of sharing their submission publicly, and instead have content reviewed only by the Consortium and a panel of Judges, you may select the "Non-Publicly Viewable" submission.

Prior to submitting, you will be required to review and agree to the Challenge Terms & Conditions.

Please do not submit confidential information as part of your application to the NextGen Cup Challenge.


  • Global: Solutions are designed to be implemented on a global scale. Solutions have considered the diverse needs of international markets, and have developed a strategy to be recoverable within varying infrastructures around the world. 
  • Regional: Solutions consider a local approach to solving regional issues with the to-go cup. These solutions will be designed to meet the experiential and performance needs of a particular market, and have been designed to be recoverable in that specific region. 
  • Other: These solutions may not yet know whether they are applicable on a global scale or within a particular region, and will seek to answer these questions through further testing and iterations during the course of the Challenge. Solutions here may also include alternative reuse or delivery systems, or address partial components of the cup system, such as new liner materials. 


  1. Idea Title (50 character limit) – Create a memorable title for your concept (this might be your company name)
  2. Idea Summary: Describe your contribution in one sentence (200 character limit)
  3. Company / Organization Name (if applicable) (50 character limit)
  4. Website (if applicable) (140 character limit) 
  5. Please include a visual representation of your concept: Including but not limited to images, diagrams, or 2D / 3D graphics. Please do not submit confidential information as part of your application to the NextGen Cup Challenge. 
  6. Full Description: Please explain your concept in depth, including how this solution will work from a technical standpoint. We will be looking for concepts that meet or exceed food-service industry health, safety, and performance standards. Please see our Additional Resources to help you get started. Please do not submit confidential information as part of your application to the NextGen Cup Challenge. (1000 character limit)
  7. Solution Type: This solution addresses which of the following (multiple choice):  (Hot/cold fiber cup, Hot Cup Only, Cold Cup Only, Cup lids, Straws, Cup sleeve, Liner, All of the Above, Reusable System, Alternative Delivery System, Other)
  8. How is your concept recoverable? How does this idea solve existing recoverability problems with the to-go fiber cup? Be specific. (1000 character limit)
  9. How have you incorporated additional sustainability attributes (beyond recoverability) into your solution? For example: "Solution uses ethically sourced materials and has acquired FSC certifications." "Solution incorporates non-petroleum based liners.” (500 character limit)
  10. What regions do you plan to address with your solution and how will you accomplish this? How have you considered varying needs of your target region(s)? (500 character limit)
  11. Describe your target market and user experience. Who will benefit from your solution, and how? Be specific. Please explain how users will interact with and benefit from your solution, and what design considerations you've included to ensure easy and intuitive interactions with your idea. Include evidence of user testing and research. (1000 character limit)
  12. At what stage of development is your idea? (select one): (Research & Early Testing)(Prototyping)(Piloting)(Full-scale roll-out)(Operating Concept / Startup)(Corporate Submission)
  13. What are the biggest challenges you are facing today? What are existing gaps in your solution? For example; R&D support, market access, support with scaling, etc. (700 character limit)
  14. Mentorship Support: If selected to advance to the Refinement Phase, you will be matched with a mentor to support your ongoing progress. What type of support do you most need from a mentor?
  15. Tell us about yourself and your team. What is your background and experience? (500 character limit):
  16. Please describe your legal or organizational structure (if applicable) For example, LLC, C- or B-Corp, Sole Proprietor, Student Team, etc. (50 character limit)
  17. Where are you / your team located? (City + Country)
  18. Please describe how becoming a Top Idea will support the growth of your concept. How will becoming a Top Idea, working with Consortium Partners, and joining the post-Challenge business accelerator help to accelerate your solution? How will you utilize the funding provided? Please state your goals and how you will define success following the business accelerator, including what key steps or tests you would take moving forward. (500 character limit)