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The Impact Challenge: Designing a Successful Concept

We’ve discussed previously what happens behind-the-scenes between a challenge’s Inspiration and Concepting phases. As a refresher, after the Inspiration phase ends, the OpenIDEO team and the challenge sponsor work together to synthesise everything we’ve seen so far and to develop Themes to help frame the ideas you develop in the Concepting round. 

This time around, our ‘always-in-beta’ spirit has taken hold and we’re trying something new. 


For this Concepting round, we’re keen to share with you a bit more about the types of concepts we’re hoping to see. We also thought it might be helpful to outline briefly how concepts will be evaluated later on, as well as introduce our Advisory Panel who will be helping out during our upcoming Evaluation phase.

Diving into Concepting

So, first things first – in this Concepting phase we’re looking for tools, events, campaigns, networks, resources and everything else that might help us all go out into the world and bring active positive impact to our global communities. Some of these ideas might turn out to be OpenIDEO features but try not to limit yourself to the site itself – that’s what the  User Forums are for. Think big and broad for impact! To get started, check out  the Concepting phase and the 5 Themes we've created to help guide your ideas.

Preparing for the Evaluation Phase

When it comes time for Evaluation, we'll ask you to consider a number of questions, including:
  • Does this idea create social impact? How?
  • How expensive will this idea be to implement?
  • What kind of skills are needed to turn this idea into action?
  • Does this idea sound like fun to work on?
The actual Evaluation questions might look a little different but we’d suggest that you keep these notions in mind when you’re designing and developing your ideas.

Introducing our Advisory Panel

We'd also like to introduce the folks who will be helping to evaluate all of your fab ideas. To add some extra impact expertise to the mix, we’ve recruited a smart and savvy bunch of advisors who will be reviewing your concepts and making shortlist recommendations.  Learn more about our Advisory Panel and watch out for them during the Concepting phase too, where they’ll be helping to advise and guide us on our impact-focused journey.
And with that,  let’s get concepting!