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Unexpected Influencers

What people in low income communities might have a significant influence on children either directly or indirectly? We explored this at the London OpenIDEO meetup.

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At the London OpenIDEO meetup we were thinking about all of the stakeholders who may influence children in low income communities. We came up with a few unexpected influencers who might indirectly influence children through their parents:

Loan Officers (relating to Indian villages) influence the finances of a community and even have the power to banish a family from a village for not repaying a loan. So from being able to provide a balanced meal, and hence providing nutrition, to sending children to school the loan officer can certainly have an affect on this.

Maybe the bigger picture question is why do low income families need a loan and how will they repay them?

Similarly,  community elders/leaders have an influence on the values and morales of a community.

This youtube video (the description is more insightful than the video: and description talk about how the village elders of 2 communities at war managed to restore peace. The outcomes of this are that the 2 villages are now safer and good values and morales were promoted by restoring and encouraging healthy relationships with other communities 

  • Does anyone in the OpenIDEO community have any firsthand experience/exposure of loan officers or community elders/leaders in low income areas that can expand on our conversation?
  • Are there any other unexpected influencers who might indirectly affect children in low income communities?
  • Are parents alone as influential as research suggests?


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Thanks Meena! It's great to finally be part of the OpenIDEO community. I'll be sure to check that out.