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Trusted Social Capital

How might we help parents effectively leverage trusted social capital in their communities?

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Something that faces parents the world over – including in low-income communities – is their availability to be present during their children's early development while balancing the need to bring in money to support their families.

In many low-income communities I've visited in India, multiple generations of a family live within a single household or close by. How might we help parents leverage this support network better? What tools could create and enhance connections across this network? How might we draw upon trusted social capital to support parents who need to be out of the home to earn a living?

Photo taken on assignment in Dharavi, Mumbai, India.


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Hey Meena! Very good point - certainly there is a huge capacity for support in households already. From our experience, in many cases in the subcontinent this trusted social capital is already utilised very strongly, but the cases when woman don't have this support will be the ones that can hugely benefit from having maybe a more community-focussed access to this resource.

It might also be important to consider that this situation arises partly because of a failure on the part of governments and employers to regulate and provide proper maternity leave for new mothers. Of course, in many developing countries this is not feasible, but in many developing nations, the absence of maternity leave being available puts pressure on mothers and families that has a direct affect on the development of young children.

Below is a link to a TEDx presentation, where the speaker describes how busy environments where a baby is looked after by multiple people in quick succession has a tangibly negative affect on their early development.

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